Daramic offers a broad lineup of automotive separators used in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket lead-acid batteries. A key component of an automobile, the lead-acid battery is supported by a separator that meets the electrification needs of starting, lighting, and ignition and idle start-stop vehicles.


The profile design plays an important part in the spacing of components in lead-acid batteries. As its name suggests, the separator acts as a barrier between the positive and negative electrode. The spacing in between the two components is guided by the profile design. Daramic offers many profile combinations that can meet most any battery design requirement need.


In support of the chemical reaction that takes place inside of a lead-acid battery, the material formulation of the separator provides key benefits and can be adjusted depending upon the battery application. Properties adjusted through the formula include permeability, porosity, pore size distribution, electrical resistance, antimony suppression, ionic conductivity, and chemical compatibility within the electrolyte.

Lamination (Optional)

A key failure mode of some battery types is active material shedding. Laminates, which can be attached through adhesion are typically a glass material fiber available in various thicknesses which act as a support in maintaining active material on the electrode. Additional benefits of lamination include acid mixing and mechanical stability.


Daramic’s production flexibility allows delivery of a finished product that aligns with customer manufacturing needs. Separators can be provided in the following forms (with or without laminated material):

  • Jumbo Roll
  • Slit Roll – state- of-the art slitters deliver uniform width control
  • Cut Piece –cut to requested width and length using quality controlled choppers for repeatable, consistent results
  • Envelop or sleeve – mechanically sealed, which allows easier insertion of the electrode


Daramic® HP™

Daramic HP is a high-performance polyethylene battery separator designed for starting, lighting, and ignition (SLI) lead-acid battery applications. Daramic HP is specially formulated to deliver excellent puncture and oxidation resistance, while also containing amorphous silica for high porosity providing lower electrical resistance.

Daramic® HP-X™

Daramic HP-X is a high-performance polyethylene battery separator designed for starting, lighting & ignition (SLI) and enhanced flooded (EFB) lead-acid batteries. The patented cross negative rib profile & special formulation deliver improved cycle life by providing excellent puncture resistance, slowing of dendrite shorts &better acid mixing. It also improves efficiency & yield during battery assembly.


DuraLife® is a new, high performance polyethylene battery separator specially designed for starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) lead-acid batteries. DuraLife’s patented design significantly improves battery performance, improves efficiency and yield during battery assembly, and reduces puncture shorts.

Daramic® EFS™

Daramic’s new lineup of separators are specifically designed to support start-stop vehicle battery work requirements, enabling battery manufacturers and automotive OEMs to deliver reliable battery power for users of start-stop vehicles.

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